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Your Premier Destination for Innovative Learning in Cyber Security

The University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, situated in the lively Wibautstraat, is not just a hub of academic excellence but also a trailblazer in cutting-edge fields like Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, and AI.

Whether you're an aspiring cybersecurity expert, a research enthusiast, or just exploring your options, we offer a dynamic and engaging environment for learning, innovating, and excelling.

Leading the Way in Cutting-Edge Fields

In an era where technologies constantly evolve and the digital world becomes more complex, our institute plays a leading role in exploring these exciting areas.


Cyber Security has become crucial in protecting our digital infrastructure from threats and attacks, and our experts and students are at the forefront of developing advanced security solutions.

Penetration Testing, a key aspect of cybersecurity, involves detecting and correcting vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.


The UASA Institute is dedicated to training the next generation of ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts to help secure organizations' systems.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) shapes the future and enables innovations that change our daily lives. Our researchers and students are pushing the boundaries of AI, working on projects ranging from machine learning to deep learning and neural networks, aiming to accelerate technological advancement.


Discover groundbreaking research at the University Applied Sciences. Our Research section now includes a critical and current study: "Hack & Computervredebreuk Onderzoek - Complaint and Report against Police Amsterdam."


This study delves into the complex world of cybersecurity and the legal challenges in the digital age. Explore other innovative studies in various disciplines, reflecting Amsterdam's ethos in creativity and intellectual pursuit.


Stay informed and engaged with our regularly updated News & Updates Blog. Experts share insights on diverse topics, from the nuances of cybersecurity to vibrant student life in Amsterdam.


Whether you're seeking guidance on academic pathways or diving deep into scientific discussions, our blog is your comprehensive resource.


Our "Projects" section showcases practical and impactful learning. Highlighting the growing importance of cybersecurity, it features initiatives from both students and faculty across a wide range of disciplines.


These projects address real-world problems, offering innovative solutions that can impact society and industry. From assignments and walkthroughs in Try Hack Me, Python Labs, Cisco certifications, and more, our "Projects" section reflects the diversity and dynamism of our educational program.


It's where creativity and innovation converge to shape the next generation of experts and professionals ready to tackle modern world challenges.

Discover more about our diverse and dynamic educational programs in Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, and AI at the University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam.

University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam - Cyber Security Program



Forge Your Path in the Dynamic World of Cyber Security

Welcome to the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (UASA), a beacon of excellence in Cyber Security education in the Netherlands.


At UASA, we're committed to molding the next generation of cyber security professionals, equipped to navigate and protect the intricate digital landscapes of today and tomorrow.



Why UASA's Cyber Security Program Stands Out

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Designed in close collaboration with industry and government agencies, our curriculum is constantly updated to mirror the latest trends and technologies, ensuring you acquire skills that are immediately applicable.

  • Experienced Faculty and Research Excellence: Benefit from learning under seasoned experts and researchers, bringing real-world experience and groundbreaking insights into the classroom.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our cutting-edge labs and technology simulate real-world environments, offering hands-on experience crucial for your future career.

  • Strong Industry and International Connections: With our extensive network in the business sector and a pronounced international focus, we offer valuable internship opportunities, global study programs, and the chance to collaborate with peers worldwide.

  • Practical Skills and Problem-Solving Focus: We emphasize hands-on training and critical problem-solving skills, preparing you to tackle real-world challenges effectively.



Comprehensive Program Overview

Our Cyber Security program is a holistic four-year Bachelor's course, covering essential topics such as:

  • Information and Network Security

  • System Security and Malware Analysis

  • Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking

  • Risk Management, Ethics, and Law in Cyber Security



Career Prospects

As a UASA Cyber Security graduate, you'll find yourself well-prepared for diverse roles in a sector that's rapidly expanding globally:

  • Roles like Cyber Security Analyst, Engineer, Security Consultant

  • Opportunities as Penetration Testers, Malware Analysts, Forensic Investigators

  • Careers in Risk Management and IT Security Consulting

  • Positions in companies, government bodies, and non-profit organizations



Admission Criteria

To join our elite Cyber Security program, candidates need to meet the following requirements:

  • Proficiency in English, IELTS score of 6.0 or higher for international students

  • A foundational understanding of programming and networks



Enrollment Information

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Apply online for our Cyber Security program.



Learn More

For more detailed information about the Cyber Security program at UASA, please visit our website or get in touch with our information center.


Secure your future with our cutting-edge education and become part of an elite group of professionals safeguarding our digital world.

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Explore Our Core Cybersecurity Courses


At, we offer a comprehensive range of cybersecurity courses designed to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in this dynamic field.


Dive Deep into the World of Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Essentials, and Offensive Programming, each of these courses is designed to meet the current industry demands.



Cyber Intelligence

Course Overview:

Cyber Intelligence is an essential aspect of modern cybersecurity strategies. This course delves into the world of cyber threat intelligence and focuses on how to collect, analyze, and apply information about cyber threats.

You will learn how to identify potential threats, understand the thought patterns of cyber attackers, and use this intelligence to strengthen cyber defenses.

Key Topics:

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Techniques for Data Collection and Analysis

  • Understanding Cyber Attacker Tactics

  • Implementing Intelligence in Cybersecurity Strategies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire skills in identifying and analyzing cyber threats

  • Develop strategic thinking to prevent cyber attacks

  • Gain expertise in the latest tools and techniques for intelligence gathering



Cyber Essentials

Course Overview:

Cyber Essentials provides a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity. This course is perfect for beginners and those looking to strengthen their basic skills.

You will cover everything from network security, encryption, and risk management to the legal aspects of cybersecurity.

Key Topics:

  • Basics of Network and System Security

  • Principles of Encryption and Data Protection

  • Risk Assessment and Management in Cybersecurity

  • Legal Frameworks and Compliance in Cybersecurity

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding core concepts and technologies in cybersecurity

  • Establishing a strong foundation for advanced studies in cybersecurity

  • Learning to effectively implement basic security measures



Offensive Programming

Course Overview:

Offensive Programming is designed for those who want to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. This advanced course covers the techniques and tools used in ethical hacking and penetration testing.

You will learn how to think like a hacker to better defend against cyberattacks, exploring vulnerabilities and how to ethically exploit them.

Key Topics:

  • Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking

  • Techniques for Penetration Testing

  • Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities

  • Developing Strategies for Protection Against Hacking

Learning Outcomes:

  • Master the skills of ethical hacking and penetration testing

  • Learn to identify and exploit system vulnerabilities

  • Develop strategies to strengthen cyber defenses




Course Overview:

The OWASP Tools course offers an in-depth exploration of the tools and resources of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

This course is essential to gain insight into web application security and learn how various tools can effectively be used to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities.

Key Topics:

  • Overview of the OWASP Top Ten Security Risks

  • Hands-on Training with OWASP Tools and Resources

  • Techniques for Assessing Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

  • Best Practices for Web Application Security

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire skills in using OWASP tools for web security

  • Understand how web application security can be assessed and improved

  • Develop skills to identify and address key security risks for web applications



PTES Reporting

Course Overview:

The PTES Reporting course focuses on the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and its importance in the world of ethical hacking and security audits.

This course teaches you how to create comprehensive, clear, and actionable reports based on findings from penetration testing.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the PTES Framework

  • Techniques for Effective Penetration Testing

  • Skills for Clear and Concise Reporting

  • Translating Test Results into Actionable Insights

Learning Outcomes:

  • Mastery of PTES for high-quality penetration testing

  • Learn the art of creating insightful security reports

  • Translate technical findings into strategic recommendations



Kali Linux

Course Overview:

Kali Linux is a powerful tool widely used in the world of cybersecurity. This course teaches you how to effectively use Kali Linux for penetration testing, security analysis, and vulnerability testing.

You will become familiar with the tools and techniques needed to tackle complex security challenges.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to Kali Linux and its Features

  • Using Kali Linux Tools for Penetration Testing

  • Security Analysis and Vulnerability Testing with Kali Linux

  • Advanced Security Techniques with Kali Linux

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of Kali Linux and its applications in cybersecurity

  • Effectively utilize Kali Linux tools for security purposes

  • Address complex security challenges using Kali Linux

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Whether you're starting with the basics or looking to specialize in advanced areas, our courses are designed to meet your needs.


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